Diana was born and raised in Puerto Rico, a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean Sea. She has always been passionate about visual communication and its ability to influence people’s thoughts, feelings and actions. With a background in fine art and formal training in graphic design, her practice is a hybrid one; a mixture of analog and digital processes of creation. Her main expertise is the strong use of typography to create brand identities that are visually sleek, bold and timeless. She has had industry experience designing for a wide variery of clients in both print and digital formats (brandings, re-brandings, editorial design, posters, invitations, packagings, signage, merch, wall-graphics, e-commerce websites, e-mail marketing, social media content, etc). The opportunity to design for many different scenarios has helped build a diverse toolkit, flexibility, and the ability to work in a team and under pressure. Her sharp eye for detail and ability to create custom type is what makes her work stand out. She is always open for challenges that will help her grow her skillset and elevate the quality of her work further.

Other than graphic design, exploring the intersection between art and design thorough personal proyects and collaboations with local artists is very important for her. In this aspect of her practice, her imagination is able to run free through art direction and creative concept development. She is heavily inpsired and influenced by all the talented creatives (fine artists, musicians, designers, photographers, creative directors) that she is in close contact with.

Diana is currently based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and working full time as an Art Director / Graphic Designer @ Studio Luca (Production and Adversiting Agency).

Feel free to approach her for interesting work opportunities, collaborations or questions! ︎ ︎

Download CV here.